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HE Silos offer both conventional Centre-fill and Side-fill field bins in 20, 30 and 40 tonne capacities. We also manufacture a 30 tonne Auger field bin that boasts a unique detachable auger design for ease of transport and maintenance. Our field bin design has evolved with the growing needs of our farmers. If you buy a field bin with HE Silos you can expect a strength tested product that is built to withstand the tough conditions you face on farm. With our use of HENROB (self-piercing sealed rivets), our field bins ensure your temporary storage is weather resistant.

After listening to our customers needs, HE Silos designed the side-fill bin to remove the need to climb up and down the field bin. These bins (as shown below) have two ground opening doors located on either side of the roof. Along with saving time on closing your openings, ground operated doors are safer and more efficient. If a Side-fill doesn’t suit your needs, we offer a more conventional Centre filling bin that has a 9 foot opening for easy unloading.

  • 20-50 Tonne (excluding Auger bin which is 30 tonne)
  • Completely galvanised
  • Side or Centre fill
  • Sight glasses
  • Auger boot or slide optional
  • 30 Tonne PTO Auger Bin available
  • Covered by a 5 year warranty

Side Fill
Side fill bins come with three foot wide ground opening doors on either side of the roof for exceptional ease of use and safety. Gone are the days when you need to climb up a field bin to close the lid. Our door design locks in to place and is fully weather proof.

Centre Fill
Centre fill bins appeal to operators who like a single larger opening to un-load grain into. HE Centre fill bins boast a 9 foot opening

50 Tonne Open Top
HE Silos also offers a 50 Tonne open top field bin for larger operators. With mother bins and chaser bin prices ever increasing, you now have the option of temporary field storage at a fraction of the price. Call us today for more information on our 50 tonne field bin.

Mobile fertiliser storage
Our fertiliser field bins give you the flexibility of mobile superphosphate storage when you need it most. Coated with the highest quality aircraft grade epoxy resin, you can be sure that your field bin will remain protected from the corroding effects superphosphate can have to steel.

Coated with aircraft grade epoxy resin supplied by…

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