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Unfold it, put the tractor in gear and instantly take the cultivation workload down in size! The HE-VA Disc Roller Disc Harrow has the key ingredient of any effective cultivation machine - it works - it is simple and most importantly it saves time and money. The HE-VA Disc Roller Disc Harrow is a result of years of development and testing to find the ideal combination of disc angle and packer ring to give perfect incorporation, mixing and consolidation in one high-speed pass.

The HE-VA Disc Roller Disc Harrow is a high-speed, high output machine for farms with many hectares of work to cover in a short space of time.

The Disc Roller Disc Harrow is compact and manoeuvrable around the field and on the road, and is simple to operate. It is highly versatile, it can be used to incorporate stubble and other crop residues to a depth of up to 125mm (5') in minimal tillage cultivations. It is also a superb tool for working ploughed land prior to drilling. With around 1 tonne per metre you have an effective slicing action combined with a very efficient consolidating press for secondary cultivation

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