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HE Silos

- Model 60° Cone - Poultry Silos

HE Silos continue to allow farmers and commercial operators to maintain their feed at the best possible quality with a minimum of fuss. From blowers and breathers to cam-locks, we have all the features today’s industry requires to feed your flock. All Silos manufactured in our Gunnedah and Forbes branches are made from the highest grade galvanized steel. Boasting an all gal base and Zincalume walls and roof, our silos are built to stand the test of time. All our products are backed by a 5-year warranty.

  • 6-100 Cubic Metre capacity
  • Completely galvanised
  • Blowers, Breathers, Cam-locks, Bottom to suit plastic boots, Sight glasses and more all available!
  • Ladders & cages in accordance with WorkCover recommendations
  • 5 year warranty

When buying poultry silos, you know how important it is to have the right product for your specific job. We treat every poultry order as a special order, having clients fill out a specific design that includes all the necessary features they require. By following this method we are able to assure each customer’s needs are fully satisfied.

In the modern era, most feed is manufactured in pellet form and is blown from the truck into the silo rather than augured. As seen below we offer blowers and breathers that mean easy delivery every time.

Here at HE Silos we value the safety of our own team as well as the safety of our product in the hands of the customer. Our ladder and cage systems were designed in conjunction with WorkCover to give you the peace of mind your product is safety tested.

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