Model HE740 - Exhaust Unit for Pig and Poultry Houses



The HE740 is an exhaust unit for poultry and pig houses is the most efficient roof mounted exhaust unit available. The exhaust unit is aerodynamic and is equipped with a highly efficient fan motor that ensures high air exchange rates at very low energy consumption.

In a direct comparison against leading suppliers on the market today, the HE740 exhaust unit offers at least 30 % lower energy consumption at equivalent flow rates. E.g.: 25.5W/1000 m3/h @ 17,500 m3/h.

Two versions - turning baffle or butterfly valve

The unit comes in two different versions. One with a turning baffle in the chimney and one with a butterfly valve on top of the chimney.

The HE740 exhaust with butterfly valve completely seals off from rain, birds, insects, rodents and light when not in operation. This unit is for on/off speed control.

The HE740 with turning baffle is for speed control via a 0-10 volt signal, or on/off.  This unit can be speed controlled with a frequency inverter.

Highly insulated, easily installed

The HE740 exhaust unit is built in highly insulated, noise reducing segments. The segments are easily put together and fit all kinds of buildings. The chimney system is built in panels of 115 cm and can be prolonged to any given length. The strength of the panels makes the construction self-supporting when mounted and thus very simple and easy to install in any kind of roof.

The panels are produced with extreme precision which makes them very easy to assemble and mount. The result is a very strong and reliable construction that needs no maintenance.

We have produced the chimney panels in ABS which is renowned to be both strong and impact resistant. The material is commonly used for bumpers on trucks and similar high stress applications. Therefore you can safely wash the unit using a high pressure water cleaner.


  • Motor: 3 x 230/400 V 1.6/0.95 A
  • Shaft output power: 0.3 kW
  • Volume flow @ 0 Pa: 17,471 m3 /h
  • Specific consumption: 25.5 W / 1000 m3 /h
  • Fan RPM: 945-960 @ 50 Hz
  • Fan impeller pitch: 49°

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