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Heating and De-Icing Antenna


Elite Antennas offer a range of de-icing options to cover our entire line of antennas and feeds. Hard GRP panels are available to protect heater pads where impact damage or vandalism is a problem, while for reduced cost soft self-adhesive panels may be used. We work closely with Surface Heating Systems of Kircaldy, Scotland to provide the best possible de-ice solutions for our antennas. SHS also manufacture their own highly efficient heater controller, featuring temperature and snow sensing to save power while enabling continuous transmission in the harshest conditions. Aluminium reflectors are the optimum choice for de-iced antennas as aluminium's high thermal conductivity allows the fastest possible shedding of ice, snow and frost while maintaining long-term resilience. Feed heating is also available.

The advantages of hand spinning include:

  • Rapid development
  • Low to zero NRE costs when existing tooling is used
  • Short time to market
  • Reduced risk

A short video of a 3.7m antenna being spun is embedded here.

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