Heating Pipes



Efficient waterbased heating. SKOV will most often use the so-called Spiraflex heating pipes for livestock house heating. The heating system is based on the supply and circulation of water, the heating pipes providing efficient and economic house heating.

Larger surface, higher heat release

The finned tube design results in a large surface area and when comparing with a traditional, smooth heating pipe the Spiraflex tubes provide higher heat emission per metre. 

The heating pipes are mounted right by the air inlet as this ensures mixing of heat with fresh air prior to reaching the area occupied by the animals. Floor heating is particularly well suited for poultry production, but cannot be recommended as the only heat source, given the relatively long reaction time. Spiraflex heating pipes make it possible to raise the house temperature relatively quickly. With Spiraflex heating pipes, it is possible to raise the temperature rather quickly, which may also contribute to a better distribution of the birds throughout the house.

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