Heavy-Duty Grapple Rakes for Tractors



The Turbo Grapple is ideal for forest, brush and construction clean up. The grapple tines separate and sort materials allowing dirt to fall through while removing debris. The protected cylinder design is perfect for demolition work since the cylinders are completely covered during operation to prevent cylinders from damage. The large opening allows operators to gather bushy trees and the tips of the tines are designed to skim the ground and roll as much material into the rake as possible, and the independent clamp design allows the operator to clamp uneven loads. The Turbo Grapple is built to the highest standard of workmanship and with the finest components. The grapple comes with a 1 year, unlimited hour warranty against defects.

This unit is available on Skid Steers.

The unit is ideal for:

  • Wood clearing
  • Pasture reclamation
  • Construction cleanup
  • And many other uses

Ground Friendly
When used in pasture maintenance for stacking cut trees the Turbo Grapple is designed to float across the ground and will not destroy grasses like a dirt bucket.

Durable Tines
The tines are welded all the way to the tips which prevents them from bending sideways if they contact a rock or stump.

Mounting Backet
The grapple is designed with generous rollback to roll loads into the bucket and reduce stress on the clamps.

Grease-able Pivot Pins
All the grapple joints are fully grease-able for maximum life.

Hydraulic Cylinders
The protected cylinder design allows the 2” welded hydraulic cylinders to be completely covered during operation to prevent cylinders from damage.

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