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Heavy Duty Land Leveller


Developed especially for shaping cloddy and hard-packed soils, these versatile land levellers are used directly on plowed or subsoiled fields. Hight ridges are shaved smooth, while clods and trash are dumped into deepest pot holes and furrows without sealing the topsoil. Four inclined cutting blades, all protected by high carbon steel esge, are fixed at different heights to divide the workload and to achieve maximum, cold breaking efficiency. A heavy crumbler-roller may be added to combine smoothing with seedbed preparation in a single operation. Towed either by draw bar or steel cable, these heavy duty units hydraulically lift for both turning and transporting. For over the road transportation or turning in the fields, leveller is hydraulically raised to free large rubber wheels for easy movement. Front shaft can be removed or folded. Rear shaft is used for towing a roller, if required. Mechanical stop locks the cylinder for added transport protection.

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