Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Tiller


There are nine tines in this tiller mounted in two rows. Each tine is mounted with two strong coil spring which allow the tines to ride over obstructions in the soil without the inconvenience of stopping work to clear the obstacle, thus making it suitable for use in stone and root obstructed soil. The weight of this tiller is little more than the other 9-tine tiller so it can aerate soil to a depth of one feet. The tiller eliminates the use of the plough. In this tiller 2.3/16' reversible shovels are fitted. The front and the rear tines can be spaced as desired for either row crop or general cultivation work because holes in the frame are provided at one-inch interval.
Special steel forged tines & High Tensile Bolts used. This tiller is also available with 7, 11, 13 & 15 tines.

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