Heavy Harrow


The TOR-MASTER Heavy Harrow is designed for durability. The front section bars can be set individually for heavy straw conditions and for uniform working conditions.  The front rows can be set at an angle so they do not get all the wear and tear. The TOR-MASTER Heavy Harrow has a down pressure system designed to take the pressure off the pulling point.  Designed with extension spring to pull pressure down and forward and can be adjusted to down pressure in the tractor tracks if required.  The sections are 5-bar with 6' or 8' sections with 5/8' by 30' long teeth.

The U-joint design has 2' pins and a carbon steel bushing with a cavity for easy lubrication.  It has a deep off set for sharp corners for transportation.  The sections will not interfere in tight corners.

The TOR-MASTER Heavy Harrow has adjustable height control for more uniform penetration for different application requirements.  The height adjustment on the frame is used to level out the sections and is operated by a ratchet jack for durability.  It is designed to be operated by hydraulic cylinder, if required, for less maintenance. 

The TOR-MASTER Heavy Harrow has a depth control adjustment to regulate the depth penetration for spring applications.  This is a unique system because you can run it at 3' depth for softer conditions and uniformly at 2' and 3' on harder soil.  It is designed to incorporate chemicals and to prepare a seed bed for uniform depth of soil conditions.

  • Automatic transport system
  • Spring loaded safety locking device
  • Safety lights
  • 10,000 lb jack on hitch for mounting chemical kits
  • 2-heavy 43' hydraulic cylinders to maximize the down pressure
  • 12' center beam
  • Standard tires (16.5 x 16.1)
  • Option of 11 litre tires for smaller unit
  • 56' and bigger units have double 5/8' cable while 54' and smaller units have single 5/8' cable
  • Hitch frame is 4 x 8 x 1/4
  • Wing beams are 8 x 8 1/4
  • Size available:  40' x 80'

  • Hitch 4 x 6 x 1/4 structural  tubing
  • 7 x 7 x 1/4 structural tubings on wings
  • Heavy U-joints with 1 1/2' pins and carbon steel bushings
  • Tires 9.5 L x 15
  • Single wheel on main frame standard
  • Dual wheels are optional
  • 10' center beam standard
  • Auto fold standard
  • Units completely assembled with hydraulics to the tractor
  • Sizes from 60' - 110 ' in 10' increments
  • Optional 5' diamond sections or bar tine sections with 3/8 x 17' straight harrow teeth

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