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Hedge Cutters


The Patented slim tank design (GB2419506) is better balanced on the tractor, gives better visibility &  keeps the oil working temperature low, maximising pump, motor efficiency & working life.

Features Include:

  • Effortless proportional control for prolonged cutting.
  • Cutterhead behind the wheel.
  • Three point linkage or axle mounting.
  • Slew control allows corners to be cut cleanly.
  • After a few hours use the operator just looks at the cutterhead and the head moves over the hedge with minimal effort.
  • Up to 70° down angle.
  • Sits squarely on the tractor at all times.
  • Low friction cable controls are easy to use.
  • The high speed rotor always a clean cut with no or minimal spillage on the road.
  • Circular saw option
  • Pruning shears can cut up to 10cm.

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