- Sunflower Attachment


The Helianthus front attachment for sunflower harvesting adopts a row-independent harvesting system. This means that its overall dimensions determine the harvesting width without having to worry about row spacing, which can range from 40cm to 75cm. The reel features hydraulic height adjustment done from within the combine harvester’s cab so that you can adjust cutting constantly throughout the operation depending on sunflower height and variety.

Even reel speed is hydraulically adjustable from within the cab (optional accessory)

using a kit that allows you to conveniently synchronize its speed at will based on the machine’s forward speed.

The auger features one-piece construction without the aid of intermediate supports, making for perfect intake into the feeder house even when dealing with difficult harvesting conditions.

The auger’s drive is made safe by a torque limiter that stops it being damaged in the event of jamming.

All drive shafts are made from steel alloy and have undergone surface hardening to provide long life and wear resistance.
The whole cutting system comprises top-quality components, as does the gearbox transmitting motion to the blade.

The divider points are designed to drastically reduce crop losses and are made from wear-resistant steel.

Nothing is left to chance, not even the paintwork: all CAPELLO products are coated to the strictest ISO standards in electrostatic powder coating systems and pass the strictest testing.

Product quality is guaranteed by a company brand recognized worldwide for the reliability and performance of its products.


The quality of this platform is guaranteed by a stable, reliable and efficient worldwide brand. The auger features one-piece construction, ensuring perfect crop flow into the feeder house. The spoon-shaped divider points are made from wear-resistant steel.

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