- Hygienic Pump



Helios - a new range of progressing cavity pumps for the hygienic market - combines all of the values associated with the well-known Mono brand at a competitive price. This stainless steel pump will appeal to end-users and OEMs in the food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors. Polished stainless steel is used for all metal parts in contact with the product and reliable operation and reduced downtime is further enhanced by the inclusion of a sealed pin joint.

  • One piece, polished suction chamber is easily cleaned and has no areas where product could collect, reducing the risk of contamination
  • Complete clean in place (CIP) procedures and by-pass ports are available to allow the system to be cleaned via a dedicated CIP or SIP (steam in place) system
  • Gentle pumping action minimises shear and crush damage to the pumped product
  • The interference fit and therefore seal between the rotor and resilient stator, gives reduced slip and improved wear life than a fixed clearance between metal parts
  • Food approved rubber in white or black can be supplied for the stators
  • The pump can be dismantled without removing the drive

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