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Helium Recovery Units (HeRU)


Helium Recovery Units (HeRU) selectively extract helium from a gas stream. Since nitrogen rejection (NRU) and helium recovery go hand in hand, the helium recovery aspect can greatly enhance the project economics for low-BTU gas process and we have proven the integration of helium recovery with the Nitech™ NRU technology.

Already attractive with minimum Helium!
Implementing helium recovery with minor amount of helium (even below 0.50%) in the inlet gas stream can already generate positive project economics with a quick return on investment.
The Process - Crude Helium
The low-BTU gas is routed through the Nitech NRU where the nitrogen and helium are cryogenically separated from the hydrocarbon constituent of the inlet gas stream in order to process an on-spec natural gas product. The helium rich nitrogen stream exits the Nitech™ NRU at high pressure and at dew point making the addition of a HeRU straightforward. Helium removal is accomplished through cryogenic distillation utilizing refrigeration provided by liquid nitrogen produced within the HeRU. The liquid nitrogen stream is used purify the helium product to 75-95% quality, with the balance being primarily nitrogen.
Production of Grade A Helium
In case of sufficient crude helium available it is economically attractive to implement a purification & liquefaction helium plant for the production of grade A Helium. Typically a consortium of gas fields are combined, whereby the produced crude helium is transported to the single larger helium plant.
G.I. Dynamics can supply all necessary equipment for the implementation of your helium production facility.

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