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The Hellmann cage systems for layers are designed for the wellbeing of both the hen and the egg, and they are made of durable material, almost exclusively made in Germany. The wellbeing of the hens is given by designing the cages such that the hens can live in a clean and spacious surrounding, with unlimited access to feed and water. The egg is being treated gently by the flexible suspension of the cage floor that allows the egg to slide out to the egg tray in an as short as possible time. Large breastplates and other accessories help to optimize the egg quality. Options like extra cage height and cage depth, screening off of the manure belts, extra scrapers and many more can increase the technical performance yet again. The cages are available in depths of 50-69 cm (19.7 – 27.1”) and in widths of 50.25 or 60.25 (19.8 or 23.7”) and in different heights, ranging from 40 cm (15.75”) to 52 cm (20.47) at the front.

For different climatological environments, the cages are available with solid, perforated or wire partitions and in different cage heights. The cages are provided with 2 or 3 stainless steel 360° nipples and a v-driptrough. Amongst others, Hellmann offers feed chain or travelling hoppers, the Lift system, invented by Hellmann, or two different types of elevators, many options like automatic flush, egg saver, stepping rails, different typs of inspection carts, manure drying, etc. Of course, Hellmann can also supply controls (ranging from simple control panels to computerized controls with farm management software), feed bins, manure conveyors, lighting systems and ventilation systems.

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