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The Hellmann closed housing systems for rearing are designed with the focus on safety and maximum uniformity, easy management and durability. Special attention goes to the details in the cages to prevent the birds from injury and getting stuck. A must of course, is a good feed and water supply, for which Hellmann has a range of products, varying from feed chain to travelling hopper and from gravity tanks to auto-flushable pressure regulators that travel up and down with the watering lines. In order to meet different types of rearing programs, Hellmann offers starter cages for day old chicks to approx. 18 weeks and grower cages for approx. 30 day old birds to approx. 18 weeks. The cages are available in depths of 45, 63.5 and 76.5 cm (17.7, 25, and 30.1 “) and widths of 48.25 and 96.5 cm (19 and 38”).


For different climatological environments, the cages are available with solid, perforated or wire partitions and in different cage heights.The standard cages are provided with 3 360° nipples, 2 of stainless steel and on dosing nipple, and each drinking line is height adjustable. Of course, Hellmann can also supply controls (ranging from simple control panels to computerized controls with farm management software), feed bins, manure conveyors, lighting systems and ventilation systems.

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