- Destickers for Other Carts/Elevators



Used in almonds, walnuts and pecans for 30 years.  Separates and removes leaves and twigs from the nuts during harvest.  Shown here as original factory equipment on an OMC cart.  It has successfully been used on virtually all makes of carts.

Product Summary

  • Modets to fit all types and sizes of Herbs* dump carts
  • All trailer mounted destickers can be pur with or with out stick collection bins
  • Urtlwent chain openings are auailabte lor use I    ahnonds, walnuts and pecans
  • 'Super Clean' destickers are made tofrt aH brands
  • of tiailws. IncliHlBHj Hrwy. V^rssMrHdiT.
  • Jackrabb*. Thomas and others
  • The bars actually rotate as they go around the rear drive sprockets. Th» lets the fnoers rotate outward and as tfiey change direction they titer airy flip the sticks off the chain. Similarly, this bar movement can be used h the cteanhg portion. Thus the bars can 'flutter', breaktog up nests of leaves and sticks. Because of this ability to 'flutter' our chains can work effectively with smaller hole sees and stlH not carry over nuts.
  • The bars are held in place witti push on caps which allow the bars to distort, or ti ie chain to spring in and out without encouraging the side bars to crock.
  • It onesidc ol the chain gets out of tmewrth the
  • other side, it doesnt start cracking inthe sidebars because the bushings haue a plastic liner witch will distort and allowthis movement.
  • ♦ If you do manage to bend a bar, ft alone can be
  • replaced n a lew minutes tme, because the cntre
  • chain is assembled with connecting links between
  • every roller link.

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