- Rotary Mulching Machine



Fisarmonica is the Italian word for accordion . This mulcher comes equipped with two lateral wings which can be hydraulically expanded and contracted and function independently of one another. This enables a continuously variable swath. This machine is suitable for tractors from 50 to 110 HP and enables a high speed when cutting grass. The Fisarmonica is ideai for agricultural firms that have varying widths between the rows of trees, plants, vines etcetera, and are looking fora robust machine which is simple to operate. The machine can be equipped with a herbicide sprayer (with a container of 100 or 200 litres, depending on the model) or with a combined front and back attachment.

  • Driving speed: 4 to 9 km/h (depending on conditions)
  • 3 point linkage, ISO Cat. Il
  • Fixed 3-point linkage
  • Angle gear 540 revs/min, no freewheeling
  • Reversible direction of the blades to eject cut grass at the side or the middle
  • Supporting wheels adjustable in height and width
  • Two double-action hydraulic controllers necessary
  • Blades turn horizontally and are flexible

  • Cardanshaft with free wheel and clutch
  • KOMBI: Front and back linkage (reversible)
  • Herbicide sprayer for 100 or 200 litres (depending on model)

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