- Model 4000 - Grain Sampler



HERON Standard has an operating radius of 2900 mm. Swinging up/down drive gearmotor controlled through a variable frequency drive (VFD) for torque boost and integrated dumper bottom detection. Vacuum intake with grain-to-air ratio adjustment.  VFDcontrolled swivel drive gearmotor. 3 kW (380V) vacuum turbine at the foot of the sampler for conveying distances up to 60 m; or at the sample receiver end for greater distances. Electric enclosure on the sampler pillar.

Cycloburo-type sample receiver station with 10 litres sample retainer and with an air-pulse cleaned filter sleeve for integral recovery of all particles. Compact wired push-button control box as standard equipment, large control panel optional. Sample intake through monotube probe (direct vacuum intake) or twin-walled probe (coresampling style). The new «in-line» sampler arms have the tubes and hoses in line with the arm to prevent interference with structural parts of the vehicle.

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