Diuble Equipment Inc

- Model MF DM1340 - Front Mower


Progressive-minded hay producers everywhere are discovering the extraordinary benefits of the triple mower, or “butterfly mower” approach to cutting hay.Delivering a faster cut and a quality crop, these smart, simple, cost-efficient mowers attach directly to your high horsepower tractor and can be attached or removed when needed – allowing you to maximize the use of your tractor, year-round.

Featuring trailing link suspension, this unit has the cutterbar mounted at the outermost point on the sturdy support frame to prevent twisting, while providing optimum adaptation to ground contour and excellent forward visibility from the cab.

  • The pulling motion of the DM1340 provides optimum suspension travel, as well as more protection for the crop, the tractor and the mower.
  • The mower unit can also be hydraulically shifted sideways for better visibility and tighter mowing around corners, to maximize your cut.

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