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Model HF50 - Mini System


Our range of Mini Systems are the ideal hydroponic solution for the small-scale farmer or animal owner. The systems provide an opportunity to trial the extensive benefits of fresh barley grass, whilst providing you with a self-sustainable and reliable method of feeding your animals. Our years of experience in growing fodder hydroponically have helped us develop an unrivalled quality of crop that can be achieved all year round. It is important to note that the yield from the Mini Systems rely on a consistent environment (to our specifications) in order to ensure the healthy crop we expect.

The ideal growing room conditions are:

  • 40-80% humidity
  • 16-24C ambient temperature
  • Good fresh air movement
  • 16-24C water temperature

Customers have installed our Mini systems in a range of buildings from offices to stables. For the HF50 for example we recommend an insulated room of dimensions 4m long x 3.2m wide x 2.15m high minimum. This allows plenty of space to harvest and re-seed the system.

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