Model HHR 3070 Pro V2 - Animal Identity Information Devices



Animal identity information from the software to the device before going out on the farm. When you are out with the animals, scan the animal’s tag (if you have an EID device) or enter the animal identifier (if you have a PDA device). The animal details will appear on the screen of the device. You can record actions on the device, e.g. drug treatments, movements etc. Back at the office, simply synchronise the reader with your Farmplan software to update relevant records.

  • Rugged EID animal logger
  • Excellent read range with cattle & sheep tags
  • Range of exchangeable antenna #
  • Imports from a range of compatible weigh heads** (i.e. Tru-Test)
  • # Bluetooth option – £175
  • # Optional panel antenna – £175

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