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Model Hi-Cal - Liquid Calcium



As water quality declines due to increasing salinity, crops can experience injury and reduced yields. A cost effective, easy to use solution for dealing with poor water quality is TETRA's Hi-Cal liquid calcium.

Hi-Cal liquid calcium (CaCl2) is a 100% water soluble, clear liquid solution with 12 to 13 percent calcium by weight used to solve problems associated with soils and waters, especially under irrigated conditions. In addition to being a stand alone water amendment product, Hi-Cal liquid calcium is also used to formulate N-Cal and Sodex, TETRA's fertilizer and turf product line. Hi-Cal liquid calcium can also be blended with solutions containing nitrogen, potassium and micronutrients derived from chloride or chelated sources.

Besides providing calcium for plant nutrition and sodium displacement, Hi-Cal liquid calcium is also a valuable source of chloride fertilization. Extensive university studies confirm that chloride fertilization helps to suppress many soil borne and plant tissue diseases on crops such as wheat, barley, corn, potatoes and rice. Correcting chloride deficiencies can help maximize crop yield and grower profits.

Hi-Cal Liquid Calcium Advantages

Hi-Cal liquid calcium offers many advantages over other calcium sources such as gypsum as it:

  • Is fast acting,
  • Is 100% water soluble,
  • Is safe and easy to handle,
  • Is economical, with low application rates,
  • May be mixed with herbicides,
  • May be applied through irrigation systems, and
  • Is a nonhazardous liquid.

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