- Model 84529-01 - Titratable Acidity Mini Titrator for Dairy Analysis



The HI 84529 is an easy to use, fast and affordable mini automatic titrator and pH meter designed for testing acidity levels in dairy products. This new generation of mini automatic titrator improves upon the titrant delivery system and measuring ranges for increased accuracy compared to previous models. This meter reflects Hanna’s years of experience as a manufacturer of analytical instruments.

This mini titrator includes a pre-programmed analysis method designed for acidity measurements for dairy analysis. It uses a powerful algorithm which analyzes the shape of the electrode response in order to determine when the titration reaction has reached completion. By simply pressing the START key, the HI 84529 automatically performs an end point titration and displays results immediately in a choice of units.

  • Piston Driven pump with Dynamic Dosing
  • This piston driven dosing pump incorporates dynamic dosing to provide highly accurate, repeatable results.
  • CAL CHECK alerts users to potential problems during calibration such as contaminated buffers or dirty/broken electrodes.
  • pH/mV Meter
  • In addition to automatic titration, the HI 84529 can also be used as a pH/mV meter.
  • Log-on-Demand
  • Log data up to 400 samples (200 for titration; 200 for pH/mV).
  • Graphic Mode/Exportable Data
  • Displays in-depth data on titration, which can then be stored and exported to either a USB drive or PC using the USB connection.
  • Automatic Stirrer Speed Control
  • Maintains stirrer speed at approximately 800 rpm (Low Range) & 1000 rpm (High Range) regardless of viscosity of solution.
  • GLP Feature
  • The HI 84529 includes a GLP Feature that allows users to view calibration data for the pH electrode and dosing pump.
  • Easy to use interface
  • User intuitive design with large keys and easy to navigate screens.
  • Application Specific (electrode)
  • The HI 84529 is supplied with the FC 260B pH electrode. This versatile electrode can measure all types of dairy related products.

Range: (Low Range): %l.a.: 0.01 to 0.20; ºSH: 0.4 to 8.9; ºD: 1.0 to 20.0; ºTH: 1.1 to 22.2 (High Range): %l.a.: 0.1 to 2.0; ºSH: 4.4 to 88.9; ºD: 10 to 200; ºTH: 11.1 to 222.2
Resolution: (Low Range): %l.a.: 0.01; ºSH: 0.1; ºD: 0.1; ºTH: 0.1 (High Range): %l.a.: 0.1; ºSH: 0.1; ºD: 1; ºTH: 0.1
Accuracy (@25ºC/77ºF): (Low Range): ± 0.01 %l.a. (High Range): ± 0.1 %l.a.
Method: Acid-base titration
Principle: End point titration 8.30 pH (adjustable pH 8.1 - 8.4)
Stirring Speed: 800 (Low Range) / 1000 (High Range)
Logging Data: up to 200 samples (pH or mV)

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