- Precision Applicator



Not your typical salt and sand spreader, the Hi-Way® Xzalt® delivers a 70:30 ratio of dry/liquid material, reducing salt usage while accelerating ice melt. The mixed material delivered produces less material bounce and improves adhesion to the road, virtually eliminating over-application on roadside shoulders.

Featuring a directional spinner, the Xzalt broadcasts mixed material on one, two, or three lanes to reduce time, fuel and miles traveled. The FORCE America, Inc. SSC6100 Spreader Control has been engineered to work with the Xzalt, offering unique, easy-to-use features, such as a pre-defined setting that temporarily widens the swath width to cover a turn lane or intersection, or be programmed to reduce from multiple lanes to a single lane in the event of oncoming traffic.

Other features of the Xzalt include a precision directional spinner system which is adjusted by the operator from the comfort of the cab; an enclosed chute with adjustable height to fit various trucks; and sensors equipped at the spinner, liquid pump and conveyor to eliminate guesswork of application rates or controller settings. The maintenance friendly-features of the Xzalt also include sealed bearings, a one-piece conveyor belt and 304 stainless steel components.

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