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- Model F-Type - Eel & Fish Transfer Pumps


Hidrostal’s Eel and Fish Transfer Pumps are the ultimate solution for transferring large quantities of live fish without damage.  They can handle large volumes of fish with a relatively small size of pump: a ratio of circa 20%-30% fish to water is possible.  As a consequence, the power requirements of our Fish Transfer Pumps are relatively low.


This type of pump is used extensively on fish farms, where several thousand fish can be pumped each hour with 100% survival and little or no scale loss.  A variety of sizes are available to allow for the successful transfer of fingerlings and smolts right up to large, fully grown fish.  Our Fish Transfer Pumps are also used for harvesting of prawns and the recovery of live fish from screens on power station cooling intakes.

Hidrostal’s Eel and Fish Transfer Pumps are of the centrifugal type, incorporating a shrouded impeller to move the product from the axial inlet with the smoothest possible transition to the radial outlet.  To achieve this smooth transition, the impeller is extensively extended in the axial direction and has a single spiral-vane to produce a large, free passage.

Our Eel and Fish Transfer Pumps are available for permanent installation in either wet-well or dry-chamber configurations.  In addition to their use in fish farms, they also represent a cost-effective solution where fish must be diverted away from existing pump stations and transferred to a downstream or upstream waterway.

Eel and Fish Transfer Pumps are ideal for use by contractors who have to dewater assets/structures that might contain eels or live fish.  For these applications the units can be customised to suit the conditions. Portable Fish Transfer Pumps are generally mounted on a wheeled trolley or trailer, but can also be mounted on a skid and lifted into position.

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