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Large building projects require large amounts of heat and REKA produces boilers up to 4mw (or 13 656 mbtu) suitable for any building project needing heat, for example large greenhouses, heating councils, schools, livestock heating and community heating projects etc.

The diversity and flexibility of the boilers means they are suitable for almost any circumstance and each is built specifically to meet the customer’s individual needs. The auger is manufactured to the required length and angle to fit in and around existing building features minimising installation time and site disruption. This is a key aspect especially on larger installations and where downtime is expensive.

Key features such as the oxygen controlled feed system, automatic ash and moving floor grate mean this fully automated system provides an efficient, reliable and worry-free heating option.

With such large areas to heat and often very little room for error, the boilers are under a lot if pressure to perform to their maximum without fault. REKA biomass boilers are manufactured to high quality standards. Whilst there are many variables: fuel size, fuel moisture, fuel type etc, REKA manufacture their boilers to cope with almost anything that’s thrown at them, ensuring worry- free, reliable heating at low cost.

Heating on a large scale can sometime cause problems when trying to find consistently suitable fuels to burn. The HKRSV gives you greater choice in the wood that you can burn. It allows you to burn wood with up to 50% moisture, s eliminating the need to store and dry the wood before it can be used. In situations where space is limited this is a huge advantage and means you don’t have to be quite so meticulous when choosing suitable woods to burn, so you could have access to cheaper and more readily available fuel.

These boilers are constructed in the same way as the HKRST but have been adapted to burn at a higher temperate, This allows the fuels to have a much higher water content as the intense heat causes any water to evaporate instantly.

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