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High Tunnels are an increasingly popular trend for growers and a proven technology for crop production. The term “high tunnel” is a loosely defined phrase for growing fruits and vegetables in greenhouses, although some high tunnels are used for cut flower production. The difference between a High Tunnel and a regular free-standing greenhouse is that high tunnels use Eastpoint, Northpoint and Nor Easter frames, with longer ground posts, to make them “high” tunnels.

High tunnels may be used to extend the growing season by providing protection for early or late season production, or they may be used for year-round growing. High tunnels are becoming increasingly popular due to the low start-up cost and quick rate of return on investment.

'High tunnels” were originally greenhouses with high sidewalls to enable tractors and tillers to easily enter and exit greenhouses from either end. These greenhouses were simple in design, with usually just one layer of poly, roll-up curtains and no electricity. Some of these greenhouses only had poly on them for a few weeks before the warmer weather allowed the cover to be removed safely without any damage to the crops. High tunnel greenhouses enabled local growers to produce crops during all four seasons and helped combat the forces of unpredictable weather, particularly in the early spring.

Today’s high tunnels may be as simple as a greenhouse frame with one layer of poly and roll-up curtains, or a more sophisticated greenhouse that is “moveable” and has roof vents, year-round covering, an irrigation system and heat. These freestanding greenhouses are available in all different widths and lengths. The most common use of a high tunnel is for tomato production, and is usually a 30’ x 96’ greenhouse; however, many other crops are being grown in greenhouses, including cucumbers, lettuce, strawberries, raspberries and herbs. Recognizing this trend in growing, seed companies have began to specialize in offering greenhouse-grown seed varieties and other unique varieties for heirloom and organic growing. High tunnels are all customized to meet the individual grower’s needs and are specific to the crop that is being produced.

The high tunnel concept will continue to gain popularity among growers due to the global need for food and the unpredictable weather patterns that farmers encounter. With the potential to increase cash flow out of season and open up new markets, high tunnels will create many opportunities for the family farm. Further information regarding the specifics of high tunnels can be found on State University websites and by speaking with other growers.

  • All high tunnels are designed for heavy snow and wind loads with extra support for crops
  • All greenhouses are pre-drilled, pre-cut, include all hardware and assemble very easily
  • Includes complete instructions
  • Many different options available for cooling, doors and end wall design
  • Crop support systems available
  • Quick turnaround on shipping

  • Double Poly Option
    The double poly option includes a second layer of poly for the roof plus an inflation kit.
  • Gear Box Option
    The gear box option includes a gear box kit for each roll up side wall kit. This makes it much easier and safer to use on the roll up sides, especially on high tunnels longer that 48 feet.
  • Door Option
    The door option includes two sets of 8' x 8' roll up doors for each end. These are economically priced, high-quality doors that allow easy movement in and out of the high tunnel and provide ventilation on each end wall. The cost for a roll up door is $596 each.
  • Gable Shutters
    Gable shutters located at each end of the greenhouse near the peak help alleviate hot air that may build up during the summer months or humidity that may build up in the winter months.
  • Steel End Wall Framing
    Metal end wall framing kits are available for $540 per end for the 18’, 20’, 22’ and 26’ widths and $792 for the 30’ widths, which are recommended when using polycarb for end walls.
  • Polycarbonate End Walls
    Polycarbonate end walls include all 8 mm clear polycarbonate warranted for 10 years, all aluminum extrusions and necessary hardware.

  • Pre-drilled steel frame
  • Pair of roll up side wall kits
  • Every frame has 4′ bow spacing and wind bracing
  • Layer of 6 mil, 4-year, UV-treated poly for the roof & end walls
  • Customer support from our staff
  • Hardware & instructions
  • 2″ × 4″ end wall framing
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wire lock for the roof and end walls
  • Frames are available in 5′ or 6′ spacing

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