- Model 6000 - Cultivator


The 6000 Cultivator is designed to work in all soil, all residue, all crop, and all climatic conditions. Imagine a cultivator designed to work in all soil, all residue, all crop and all climatic conditions. What would it look like? You don't have to wonder any longer, because the 6000 has arrived at your Hiniker dealer. Middleworker point and shares permit high speed operation without slabs and buried crops common to sweep cultivators. Oscillating dual gauge wheels stay clean in muddy conditions while maintaining pinpoint depth control. Convenient lever adjustments allow for instant changes of all critical settings. 


1. Highest Toolbar Clearance In The Industry.
2. Auto-reset Mechanism For Improved Rock Protection.
3. Exclusive Lever (No Wrench) Adjustment Of Depth, Coulter, And Down Pressure.
4. Oscillating Gauge Wheels Offer Planter Like Depth Control.
5. New Chrome Carbide Point And Double Sided 1095 Steel Shares Outwear And Outweed Sweeps Without Troublesome Slabbing.

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