- SMART Pneumatic Fish Feeder

Smart pneumatic fish feeder is a positive pressure dilutes phase pneumatic conveying equipment, it uses high speed air flows to convey feed to culture ponds for spreading, it has achieved the automatic feeding with the fixed time, fixed quantity and fixed parameters. The system can finish the feeding setting, parameter reading, historical data obtaining and saving, etc., at site or via remote operation, to achieve full automatic feeding without human on duty, to meet the modern industrial aquaculture requirements. Comparing with the other feeding systems, smart pneumatic feeding system has the following advantages: ▉ one system feed multiple culture areas each system can feed multiple ponds at clients’ request, 12/32 pipes system is the standard currently. ▉ accurate scaling feeding weight tolerance within ±1%; accurate fixed location, fixed quantity & fixed time feeding ▉ large conveying quantity continuous conveying, quantity ≥1000 kg

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