- Model 795 & 900-Series - Acoustic Tags



HTI 795-Series & 900-Series Acoustic Tags offer many advanced capabilities that no other tag can. Unlike other systems, researchers can track hundreds of fish or tagged aquatic life simultaneously in one area. They are immune to tag signal collision and data loss. Obtain the highest resolution possible at far ranges (up to 20 cm at ranges of up to 1 kilometer).

They are user-programmable and work with HTI's Model 290/291 Acoustic Tag Tracking Systems, and together they offer an efficient means of remotely tracking fish in 3D or 2D with sub-meter resolution in real-time. Immediately tracks hundreds of fish in the same area at the same time without experiencing tag signal collisions. To identify tags out-of-water or after battery life has expired, an Acoustic / PIT Tag option is available for all HTI Acoustic Tags.

Researchers can see their fish track data via digital devices (e.g., smart phone or tablet) for immediate access to data from anywhere in the world. Find out why leading fisheries researchers are using scientifically proven HTI acoustic tags.

  • Fine-Scale 3D positioning (fish tracks) over time.
  • Monitor fish data in real-time or in post-processing.
  • Access data remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Acoustic / PIT Tag combination available.
  • Small tag size (to 0.5 g) for tracking small fish.
  • Individual tag ID    Individual tag ID with hundreds of unique codes.
  • Track hundreds of tags in the same area at the same time. Signals are immune to tag collision and data loss.
  • The only tag in the world to conclusively detect predation.

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