HK Instrument Systems

Model HK2-M & C - Microwave Systems


The HK-2 Modular Microwave System is always comprised of a Microwave Transmitter, Coaxial cables, Microwave Measuring Sensors, and Mounting Hardware. The HK2-C Compact Unit is a single piece system that comes complete and mounted on a flange. Pipe Measurements require temperature compensation with an RTD or an NPT Sensor. The Sugar Vacuum Pan Brix Meter does not need Temperature Compensation.


  • Measure Concentration, Moisture, Total Solids, Brix, and Density
  • No moving parts means little or no maintenance
  • State-of-the-Art microwave engineering used in manufacturing
  • Vibrations do not have an influence on the measurement result
  • Optional remote control from a PC or separate operating device
  • The HK2 has been designed to fit easily into Stainless Steel Enclosures
  • Sensors and Systems available for a wide variety of Applications

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