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Model HKL 2500 S - Combined Seed and Fertilizer Drill



The towable HKL combined seed and fertilizer drill with side wheels is a classic among its class. The unit’s large hoppers with flat bottoms provide added efficiency.  The HKL combined seed and fertilizer drill comes with an additional hopper which can fed with two large bags of fertilizer. HKL is simple and easy to use. The harrows are clearly visible during seed sowing. The machine features wheels with tractor patterns that provide buoyancy. The machine’s feeding roller is extremely precise, easy to adjust and suitable for all seed types. The location of the metering chambers ensures a steady feed even in slopes or with poorly settling seed types.The HKL combined seed and fertilizer drill has a large selection of accessories from seed sowing electronics to roller wheels.

  • Computer AgroCont / AgroContPlusAxles rotation control, level control of the hoppers, control of the markers, makes the tramlines for spraying, hectare counter and function of rear harrow. AgroContPlus includes also the fertilizer adjusting.
  • Step levelMakes the filling of the hopper easier.
  • Press-wheelsPress the seed rows .
  • Intermediate wheel packerPress the field surface between the tractor wheels.
  • Hydraulic coulter pressure adjustmentPossible to adjust the coulter pressure while driving.
  • Ceramic wearing parts for seed coulterMultiple lifetime.
  • Hard metal wearing parts for fertilizer coulterMultiple lifetime.
  • Wheel track eradicatorCultivates the tracks of the tractor wheels.
  • Grass seed unitPossible to drill grass seeds simultaneously with grain seeding and fertilizing.
  • Micro granulate unitPut the start-fertilizer to the same row as seeds.
  • Agitator for fertilizer and seedEnsure the material flow to feeding units.
  • Rear harrowSorts the soil structure so, that the seedbed does not lose the moisture.
  • Hopper extensionMakes the volume of the hoppers larger.

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