- Model 15 - Advantage Stress


HLS Advantage Stress 15 is formulated for beef cattle, stockers, yearlings, and calves subjected to stress or periods of high production or low quality forage, dry pastures, or lack of sufficient nutrients to optimize performance. It is fortified with all natural protein, highly digestible energy, macro-minerals, balanced chelated micro-mineral sources and vitamins A, D, and E. This product is also fortified with COMAX, a natural feed additive, and Yucca Schidigera, promoting bacterial growth and increased rumen function, which results in improved performance.

  • Selenium Yeast to support a healthy immune system
  • High energy, high digestibility
  • High quality proteins
  • Enhances rumen fermentation
  • Stronger, healthier calves
  • Improves digestion of forages
  • Improved reproduction and milk production
  • High levels of minerals and vitamins
  • Weather resistant
  • Improved all around health

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