Model HLSG - Blower



SØBY blower/dryer comes in many sizes from 4HK (3kW) to 50HK (37kW).

  • Warm-galvanized
  • Solid construction
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low noise level
  • Large air volume

SØBY HLSG blower/drier is delivered as standard with the expulsion/blow-out tube as shown (low) and with air-intake on the right or left side.

SØBY HLSG blower/dryer can also be delivered with expulsion/blow-out tube turned downwards, upwards or positioned higher.
Blower's dimensions:
In order to calculate the capacity of the blower you need, it is important to know the extent of air resistance mmVS at different grain heights.
In table 1 you can read how much the resistance is at various grain heights. The diagram is calculated on the basis of barley with max. 19% water content.

Advised air volume per ton grain:
200 – 400 m3/time
NB: Seed crops require greater air volume, preferably more than double.

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