- Model HMSB series - High Silo Rotary Cutters



Hydromatic silo rotary cutter for CCM, fully automatic filling cutter, Austrian patent, safe operation in winter, types available for silo diameters from 3.00 m to 6.00 m. Larger silo rotary cutters (max. up to silo diameter 9 m) on request.Type HMSB 350 Silo-ø 3-3,5 m.Type HMSB 400 Silo-ø 3,5-4 m.Type HMSB 500 Silo-ø 4-4,5 m.Type HMSB 600 Silo-ø 5-6 m.Type HMSB 700 Silo-ø 6-7 m.Type HMSB 800 Silo-ø 7-8 m.Professional automated spreading and discharge machine for crushed maize.Long operating life due to stainless steel design and Danfoss hydraulic system

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