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Hoeing Element



This hoeing element consists of a parallelogram with rubber tyre wheel, which allows mounting one hoeing blade, three hoeing blades or cultivator tines. The basic element can also be used for a disc hoeing or finger weeding. Using the element for fitting the Steketee spray hoods is possible as well. Another possibility is to fit Steketee Finger weeders to the element in order to remove weeds in the crop row. Ground clearance under the bearer at parallel horizontal position is 50 cm.

The Steketee hoeing Element consists of a stable parallel guide with plastic bearing retainers, which have a quick coupling to fit the element easy and quickly onto the bearer. The element is standard equipped with a rubber tyre wheel. The element is kept under tension by a spring so that it always follows the ground and doesn't float. The element can be adjusted in height with a spindle. This controls the blade or cultivator tine depth. The inside of the element has a hook that can disengage the element in case of sloping.

A blade holder can be fitted to the basic element. Depending on the application, one or three blades can be fitted to this holder, and side blades if needed. Behind it, a crusher rotor for transporting the cut-out weeds can be mounted. There is also a possibility to connect a set of finger weeders to the blade holder. Protective shields or protective discs protect the crop against damage and can be infinitely adjusted.

Depending on the application it is also possible to equip the element with a set of cultivator tines. These tines with duck foot points can be set in several widths, depending on the crop row. Here as well, a crusher rotor, a Finger weeder set and protective shields and discs can be mounted.
If the ridge interval exceeds 50 cm, mounting an extra set of two cultivator tines becomes an option. For weeding with blades, applying longer extendable parts and wider knives is possible.

A ridger plane can be mounted on the hoeing element to suffocate the in-row weed. This ridger plane can be adjusted in width and fits every hoeing blade width.

The element is carefully produced and meets the highest quality demands. A powder coated lackering provides a strong protection against corrosion, considerably lengthening the life-time. The maintenance-free bearing consisting of plastic bearings retainers does not require any maintanance.

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