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Hoes for Rice Field


The mechanical hoes for rice fields are available in two versions: the AR for working the soil on the flat surface of the embankment and the ARI for working the flat surface and sides of the embankment. Both have a rear cylindrical roller for setting the operating depth and smoothing out and compacting the worked surface. Their design is simple in mechanical terms; thanks to the particularly sturdy build of their structure, they can be closed for on-road transport (the AR chassis rotates 90° and the ARI chassis is closed vertically.

AR weight 480 kg - ARI weight 540 kg; operating width 125 cm; universal three-point connection; operating depth 5-15 cm; cardan joint for hoe drive with clutch; hoe unit inclination (ARI) by means of hydraulic cylinder connected to the tractor's oil-pressure system.

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