- Model TVI 80 - Cone Anti-Drift Venturi



80° angle at 5 bar. Air-induction hollow cone nozzle (Venturi system) spraying large drops filled with air bubbles which do not drift and explode into fine droplets in contact with the plant. ALBUZ durable pink ceramic allows high spraying pressures to be used while maintaining performance and precision. Easy dismantling for a good cleaning. 3 ceramic components for more wear resistance. Can be used on a boom from a pressure of 5 bar using a special bayonette cap. Compact size: length 19 mm. Model 80 0050: recommended pressure from 7 bar. Recommended pressure: 10 bar.

  • Use 200 mesh nozzle filters for models 80 0050 – 80 0075 and 100 mesh filters for the other sizes.

  • For fungicide and insecticide treatments.
  • Recommended for arboriculture and vineyards.

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