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The manufacturers of THE HOLLOW SPREADERS are continually updateing and improving their product. The new designed XA model has been given more hopper strength by placing a restraining rod from side to side inside the hopper. The new frame design is of formed metal and a bolted assembly. The gearbox, PTO shaft, spinner plate and agitator remains basically the same. The improved design has better eye appeal and the bolted frame allows almost twice the number to be packed so we may offer you a lower price. The lower priced units and improved styling along with the already proven dependable spreading advantages of THE HOLLOW is sure to give you another profitable year of spreader sales.

The Hollow seeder/spreader comes in five models with different hopper capacities (from 335 - 775 lbs). Thanks to its simple and functional design as well as its sturdy fstructure, it combines operational easiness together with high performances. The Hollow seeder/spreader is made out of first-quality materials and completely powder-painted. Wide employment range: it is fit for spreading salt and sand as well as sowing different types of cereals.

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