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- Delta Tile Drain Cleaner

For Comfortable operation combined with efficence in cleaning your drainpipes (Tiles) The Homburg Drain Cleaner “Delta” is designed for comfortable operation combined with efficence in cleaning your drainpipes (Tiles). Including all the advantages of the Junior and comes standard with extra hydraulic height adjustment and hydraulic push in and pull out of the hose. Hydraulic roll-on/roll-off flushing hose using two hydraulic motors. Continously adjustable speed control. Hydraulically foldable guide arm, adjustable in length.


3pt hook up device is Cat 2 width


Hydraulic System

2 Hydraulic motors, / 2 cylinders 4-way steering valve 2 Control valves,, one of which is pressure-compensated

Water Pump

5-Fold membrane pump


PTO – 1 3/8 6 spline output shaft

Max capacity

115 Litres/min (30 Gallons/min) – 50 bar (725psi) – 540rpm

Working capacity

70 Litres/min (18 Gallons/min) – 80 bar (1160psi) – 35rpm


Cleaning Hose

300metre HPE-hose 27mm x 3.5mm

Suction Hose

10metre 1 1/4″ hose with steel inlay with filter and floater

Return Hose

10metre 3/4″ hose


12 + 1 openings of 2.0mm metre counter

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