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- Truck Mounted System



The Loewen Honey-Vac System: Designed by Loewen. Engineered by Loewen. Manufactured by Loewen. Quality by Loewen. Proven to work by the Dairyman. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • One Honey Vac tank handles all my manure requirements, keeps the lanes clean,
  • transports it to the pit and hauls the manure from the pit to the fields in the spring
  • Went from 2 men all day down to 1 man for 2 hours to take care of the muk
  • Scrapes the manure from my lanes clean as a whistle in one pass
  • Now I don't have to deal with all the mess in the corrals
  • Since I got the Honey Vac we stopped using the flush
  • I got tired of the cows walking in 6 of manure
  • It even handles sand bedding

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