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- Model WSP - Swather


The New WSP Swather table will turn your windrower traction unit into a high-efficiency swather. The combination of the Honey Bee WSP and the John Deere W235/W260 provides you with exceptional visibility, mobility and cutting power. The New WSP has features designed to match the high performance of the John Deere W235 and W260. The windrower traction unit provides the WSP with an abundance of hydraulic flow and cooling, enabling it to meet the field speeds of the windrower traction unit. The WSP is built on a platform that easily attaches to a John Deere W235 or W260 Rotary. The New WSP Swather is designed to last. The John Deere W235/W260 windrow traction units also offer the largest tire size available in the industry for improved mobility in muddy conditions while providing an exceptional ride. This combination, the John Deere W235/W260 with the Honey Bee WSP, results in a dependable equipment match that will increase your harvest efficiency making it easier to Harvest Faster.

Polyester Drapers
42' (106.7 cm) drapers are made of long-lastng, rubberzed polyester wth fbreglass renforced slats and are V-guded to elmnate manual draper trackng.

Draper Drve
The 3' (7.6 cm) dameter drve rollers provde tracton n heavy crop condtons. Powered from the outsde by a hydraulc motor, the drapers move the crop towards the centre for more unform feedng.

Reel Drve
The hydraulcally drven reel s easly controlled usng standard n-cab controls. n-cab controls allow for quck reel adjustment n changng crop condtons.

SCH Cuttng System
The SCH Easy Cut Cuttng System provdes smooth, superor cuttng. Sprng steel guards wth cuttng edges on top and bottom, along wth alternatng and bolted heat-treated sectons, elmnate the need for hold downs. The system keeps drt and debrs from accumulatng under the knves for ncreased performance n severe cuttng condtons.

Knfe Drve
The knfe s drven by a 3 5/16' (8.4 cm) stroke epcyclc knfe drve whch operates at 1,440 strokes per mnute. The knfe drve s drven by a low-mantenance hydraulc drve motor. Double knfe drve systems are standard equpment on 21', 25', 30' and 36' models.

Double Swath
Usng two shftng decks, double swath gves you n-cab control for rght, left and centre delvery of your wndrow. Double swath s standard on 21' and optonal on 25', 30' and 36' models.

Swath Openng
Standard swath openng s 81' +/- 3'. Double swath standard openng of 46' +/- 6'. Standard swath openng may be decreased by 14' or 28' on some models.

Adjustable Castorng Gauge Wheels
Vertcally adjustable and cushoned wth a sprng for compresson and rebound, castorng gauge wheels are avalable as standard equpment on 30' and 36' swather tables. N/A on 21' and 25'. The castorng desgn elmnates gougng when turnng.

Skd Plates
UHMW skd plates are standard on all models to protect the cutterbar when cuttng crops close to the ground.

Draper Tenson and Trackng
The canvas can be adjusted for trackng and tghtenng, whch allows even tenson on both the front and rear of the rollers. A quck release lever allows for ease of canvas and roller cleanng.

Hydraulc Header Tlt
No-wrench header tlt adjustment for header tlt control n varyng crop condtons.

Easy Hook-up Lft Arm Extensons
Lft arm extenson attaches to the wndrower lft arm usng a bolt. Lft arm assembly attaches to swather usng a no-wrench sngle pn attachment. New arms provde easy attachment and detachment of the table.

Integral Storage Transport
The self-contaned transport, ncludng htch, jack and axle, s convenently stored on the swather table.

Hay Guard
Hay guard ensures a smooth transton from knfe to draper and reduces materal wrappng on the rollers.

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