- Hoof Trimming Box


Not only a hoof trimming box, but also a treatment box. In the last couple of years there have been an increased demand among Danish farmers, as they want to be able to carry out a routine hoof trimming by themselves. To meet this demand, Bovi Box was constructed with a new approach to hoof trimming.


The box is designed in a way, so it is the cow that is elevated from the ground and up in an ergonomic work height. When the slings elevate the cow, the cow becomes calm and in this way you achieve a quick, easy and stress free hoof trimming. As the Bovi Box can be placed in the immediate environment of the cows, they will have no problems going through it. Therefore, it will be very easy to implement the box as a part of a daily routine to secure a higher hoof health in the herd.

Stands out in comparison to other boxes

The Bovi Box is constructed as an open two-piece box without a bottom, which masks it easy to get the cow into the box. The top plate is mounted with five gear motors, one to elevate the cow from the ground and the rest to lift the cows’ four legs. All essential parts on the box are mounted in a height so that the cow will not be able to reach them. Therefore, the box can easily be placed in the immediate environment of the cow, without any need for covering.

Bovi Box stands out in comparison to other boxes on the market, because it takes out little space, as it has a top-hung back gate. These new constructions make it possible for both the farmer and the cow to achieve a stress free routine hoof trimming with Bovi Box.

The measurements of Bovi box

  • Height: 2,50 meter
  • Width: 1,20 meter
  • Length: 2,55 meter

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