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Hopper Auger System



ALUMINUM or STEEL systems available in  8' or 10'Models for 1,2 or 3 hopper trailersThese Hopper Auger Systems are easily detached by removing 5 bolts.  Because each auger is equipped with a cleanout/ trap door, unloading at elevators, without removing the Hopper Auger system is accomplished.Transferring produce in fall is faster and easier.  No auger positioning.  Simply pull along side and unload into transfer auger.The Hopper Augers are installed to incorporate a center delivery of two or more products in one stop. One 8' auger has a similar output as a 10' air  seeder auger.Unloading with both 8' hopper augers has an unloading rate of 80 bushels per minute and will keep up to a 10' swing auger.Unloading with both 10' hopper augers has an unloading rate of  140 bushels per minute and will unload at same rate as a 13' swing auger.

  • The hydraulic requirement is 15 GPM with a 2500 psi bypass with a minimum 25 gallon reservoir.  A 5.9 cubic inch hydraulic motor comes with a 'manual' flow control valve to regulate speed.  This hydraulic motor can be powered by adding into the loop of your existing hydraulic line on your air seeder, or by a hydraulic unit on your tractor/ semi truck.
  • A specially designed gearbox has a shaft angle and double ball bearings to provide years of dependable service.
  • Hopper Auger wireless remote Make it easier yet by using a 100 Series Wireless Remote that is offered as an option or Control your Hopper Augers from the top of your Air Seeder or Grain Bin.  No more crawling up and down your air seeder!!!

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