Hopper Cones


Bridgeview has been building and designing hopper cones and storage solutions for over 15 years. The product you purchase from us is a reflection of that commitment and all of the refinement our commitment affords. Galvanized and powder coated components offer long lasting looks and unsurpassed durability regardless of the weather

Our cones include Grade 8 fin bolts with button heads for durability and ease of assembly. The Fin head bolt bites into the metal without binding, making tightening easy.

Bridgeview galvanized bolted hopper cones can be transported on standard width trailers. This means you don’t need permits, specialty equipment or pilot vehicles. What you’ll save on freight can often pay for assembly.


We build cones to fit most makes of bins and can build to suit custom applications – call us for more information!

We offer numerous options and add ons to give you a complete grain handling, drying and storage system!


  • 15″ and 24″ standard opening size (based on cone diameter) 
  • #15′ diameter – 2,266 to 5,974 bu. capacities
  • #18′ diameter – 3,401 to 8,383 bu. capacities
  • #19′ diameter – 3,500 to 5,400 bu. capacities
  • #21′ diameter – 4,818 to 11,466 bu. capacities
  • #24′ diameter – 6,814 to 15,500 bu. capacities
  • #27′ diameter – 8,942 to 19, 928 bu. capacities
  • custom colors available 
  • We make retrofit cones for: Brock, Butler, Caradon, Cheif, Conrad American, Eaton, Grain Vault, GSI, MFS, Sakundiak, Sioux, Stormor, Superior, Westeel and York.

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