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Hopper Silo Storage Systems & Feed Storage Bins



Our Hopper Silos are especially designed for temporarily storing wet grain prior to drying processes. The design of our cone bottom silos, where the base stands above the ground, allows for quick access and the fast dispatch of large quantities of many free flowing granulated materials.

Grain & Feed Bulk Bin Storage Silos

Customers rely upon the durability of all RNT storage containers. Our hopper silos are known for their high-performing ability to conserve cereals and grains including:

  • animal feed
  • bulk agricultural feed
  • granular feed
  • cereal crop
  • wood pellets
  • Feed pellets

Hopper Bottom Silos are also suitable for medium term grain storage required for:

  • Agriculture Merchants
  • sea and river ports
  • Breweries and mills.

Hopper Silo Installation

The base hopper/cone stands above the ground for quick access. Optional Automatic conveyors may be fitted at the base of the hopper as part of an integral drying or transfer system.

Hopper Silo Capacities

Standard hopper silos are available with capacities up to 250 tonnes.
Larger silos are produced as specials, individually designed to meet farmers and grain merchants' exact requirements.

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