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MK Industries has been a leader in the hopper bottom market for over 25 years.  With over two decades of experience in the industry you can rest assured we understand our customers and their specific needs. We can supply a Hoppercone for new bin construction, existing bins, and even inside silos!  We currently offer sizes ranging from 10 to 42 foot diameter bins.  We can also quote and custom build other sizes if necessary.

Here are just a few of the benefits you will see from installing an MK Hoppercone:

  • Lifetime of use – one upfront cost with little to no maintenance required throughout the life of the product
  • Better overall health for those shoveling or sweeping the bin, why risk the potential back and lung injuries down the road?
  • If drying on site, or considering drying on site, the Hoppercone will pay for itself many times over in the course of its use
  • Keeps grain moving, more time in the combine, quicker turnaround in the truck
  • Easier on the grain compared to bin sweeps and vacuums, resulting in better yields and more money in your pocket
  • Adds bushels to your bin capacity
  • Save money utilizing older grain bins
  • No need to run electricity to your bins if you don’t need it

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