Mepu offers the widest range of hoppers on the market. Mobile dryers can be equipped with both longitudinal and transversal screw-operated 1.3 m³ hoppers. There are even more options available for fixed dryer installations and mobile dryers equipped with bucket elevators. These options include a 3.5 cubic metre transversal hopper as well as 7.5, 9, 12 and 18 cubic metre self-supporting hoppers equipped with flight conveyors. Conventional hoppers for module dryers are also available.  Mepu is also an expert in drive-over hoppers which are becoming increasingly popular. The width of a drive-over hopper is always 3 metres, the length may vary in half-metre increments (standard models from 3 x 3 m to 3 x 5 m). The drive-over hoppers are equipped with Skandia's powerful flight conveyors and 45-degree bends providing a low profile. The drive-over grating is supported by sturdy beams fastened to a surrounding concrete structure.

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