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Horizontal Screens



With horizontal and/or tent-shaped systems, a flat screen is installed inside at the top of the greenhouse. Most of a greenhouse's energy is lost through the greenhouse roof, so a horizontal and/or tent-shaped energy screen creates an additional layer of insulation. This system immediately yields the biggest energy savings by reducing radiated heat.


HORCONEX uses pull-cord, semi-push-pull and/or standard push-pull systems to operate horizontal and/or tent-shaped screens. 

Outside screen systems

Besides screens inside the greenhouse, it is also possible to install a horizontal outside screen. Outside screening works like a parasol above the greenhouse. It provides an extremely efficient way of cooling the greenhouse. The reduction in heat above the greenhouse roof results in a cooler greenhouse climate. Feasibility of this type of construction will depend on local weather conditions and the crop grown. Please contact us for more information.

Climate control computer

All screen systems can be connected to the climate control computer, allowing them to be controlled centrally.

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